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Recovery, Rehabilitation and Well-Being

Wellington Chiropractic Centre: Healing and Pain Relief for Aurora

A family-based practice, Wellington Chiropractic Centre provides personal chiropractic services, orthotics, massage therapy and rehabilitative products for people in Aurora who have been injured or are in pain.

As a patient, you receive personalized attention at Wellington Chiropractic Centre. You interact directly with us, without having to speak to a receptionist first. We believe our hands-on techniques help to speed your healing process.

Chiropractic Care for Well-Being

If you suffer from chronic pain and seek to avoid surgery or drugs, contact Wellington Chiropractic Centre. After a thorough personal interview and examination, we will determine which treatments are appropriate to help alleviate your pain or stiffness.

As chiropractors, our treatment may include a combination of techniques designed to align your body. Improved posture can help alleviate pain for people who have be traumatized through motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries or suffer more common ailments like tendonitis, arthritis, stiff joints or headaches.

Rehabilitating Massage Therapy

While our chiropractic techniques help to align the structure of your body, our massage therapy helps with the soft tissues of your body to help improve your mobility. Massage therapy improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, and can speed up recovery from accidents or injuries.

Orthotics to Increase Your Comfort

Much like chiropractic techniques, straightening your body to help you heal and feel less pain is the goal of orthotics. Orthotics are personalized shoe insoles that improve your posture and relieve stress on your body through proper alignment.

Improved Flexibility and Strength through Exercise and Diet

At Wellington Chiropractic Centre, we believe that education and healthy habits can dramatically improve your well-being. Better nutrition through vitamin supplements and improved exercise techniques and Thera-Band equipment can greatly enhance your flexibility, overall health, happiness and enjoyment of life.

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